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Donation Query

The page is available for the query of donation made after June 1, 2012. For data before that, please refer to Financial Disclosure Report at the download enter.

Please note that the data for a query will be uploaded to the database 10 working days later than the date of donation because all data need to go through manual classification before the upload.

The donations through charity products from online merchants are creating massive data, which burdens the server. For this reason, monthly donations from all merchant will be publicized after the 20th day of the following month after monthly bill analysis. Thank you for your understanding! If you have any other question, please contact our online store assistant at Tmall.

Beijing Mobile Points donation refers to every 400 mobile points in exchange for a free lunch (worth 4 yuan). Since mobile points, which customers get from using Beijing Mobile service, belong to service rewarding products, Free Lunch will no longer be able to provide invoices and certificates. You can search for the amount on our platform after 60 days of the exchange.

If you choose to donate anonymously, the system of our platform will not record your donation name. When the page is published, the donation name is displayed as "“anonymous”. Please use the order number to search for your donation.

Since late March 2018, the management platform of WeChat donation will no longer be able to export the donation names. Therefore, when the page is displayed, the donation name is “anonymous”. Please use the order number to search for your donation.

If you have any other question about donation, please email to [email protected]

Thank you for your support and understanding!


訂單號 捐款單位 捐款金額 捐贈時間 捐款渠道
1210042571624329**** 匿名 1.00 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001498191452234**** **國 0.01 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001454541446037**** **展 0.01 元 2020-05-15
601582700735776**** **蔓 1.00 元 2020-05-15
1002473206233916**** **容 4.00 元 2020-05-15
1210042571791926**** 匿名 1.00 元 2020-05-15
1210042571821212**** 匿名 0.10 元 2020-05-15
1210042571846722**** 匿名 0.01 元 2020-05-15
1210042571897114**** 匿名 0.01 元 2020-05-15
1210042571955253**** 匿名 0.30 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001454541446574**** **展 0.01 元 2020-05-15
1210042572319908**** 匿名 0.01 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001406831457810**** **麗 4.51 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001492171457812**** **安 0.10 元 2020-05-15
129982910120200515070001**** 匿名 2.00 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001491161457364**** **虎 0.01 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001492171457813**** **安 0.10 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001471381456962**** ***銘 0.01 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001491161457781**** **虎 0.01 元 2020-05-15
2020051522001415311452165**** *俊 1.00 元 2020-05-15

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